ruth hatfield
Ruth Hatfield lives in Cambridge, however as a field archaeologist she is often to be found in far flung locations around the world. Ruth has been writing stories for most of her life, and what she loves most is to explore the way in which imagination gives limitless possibilities to make our own lives extraordinary. In her spare time she eats books, gallops around on horses, pedals around on her bike and tries not to break too many bones.
Her debut novel, The Book of Storms was published in the UK by Hot Key Books in 2014 and in the USA by Henry Holt in 2015. The Book of Storms is part of a trilogy, the second of which, The Colour of Darkness was published in the UK in 2015 and will be published in 2016 in the USA. The final part, The Book of Shadows will be published in the UK in November 2016 and in the USA in early 2017. If you’d like to find out more about Ruth Hatfield please see her author’s page on the Hot Key Books website:

 Author photo by Andrew Corrigan
Book Of Storms