The Lindsay Literary Agency’s first aim is to find an English language publisher for their authors. However, international rights and the exploitation of other subsidiary rights such as film, TV, audio and e-book are equally important.

International Rights

Translation and US rights in all Lindsay Literary titles are handled by Rights People – a dedicated and innovative children’s rights-selling team with agents based in London, Toronto and New York. Rights People regularly attend the book fairs in Bologna, New York, London and Frankfurt, and make several sales trips each year to territories around the world. They sell directly to publishers in most territories, and work with trusted co-agents in China, Japan, Korea and Russia.

The Rights People’s team, together with the Lindsay Literary Agency, carefully plan an overall rights-selling strategy aimed at maximising the potential of every title they represent. As well as creating special sales material for books represented, Rights People also produces a rights catalogue twice a year.

For more on Rights People visit: www.rightspeople.com

Multimedia Rights

Film, TV, audio and e-book rights are handled internally by Lindsay Literary Agency, who have strong relationships with producers and studios around the world.