Lots to Look Forward to!

There have been so many things happening at the Lindsay Literary Agency recently, that we clean forgot to blog. However, we’re going to try and make an effort to keep this a little more up to date from now on.

2015 got off to a good start with the publication of ‘My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat’, the third in the highly acclaimed series by Scottish author Pamela Butchart. The first two books published by Nosy Crow for this series are both up for national awards. ‘Baby Aliens Got My Teacher’ is on the shortlist for The Red House Children’s Book Award, due to be announced on the 21st February and ‘The Spy Who Loved School Dinners’ is up for ‘Best Book’ in the Blue Peter Book Awards 2015.

Also published in January was Claire Young’s new book, ‘Beat the Bloat’ which is packed with recipes and diet tips for anyone looking to avoid wheat and gluten in their diet.

There have been lots of things happening for our authors in translation with multiple translation deals for ‘The Book of Storms’ by Ruth Hatfield. This is the first book in a middle grade trilogy that was published in the UK in November, and had its American launch at the end of January. Kirkus Reviews wrote, ‘A powerfully conceived and executed story that adds a wholly original element to the fantasy genre.’ I’ve just been shown a cover proof of book two and it looks fabulous… will share when we’re allowed.

We are also very pleased to announce that all of Sam Gayton’s middle grade books will soon be published in America with three great deals with US publishers and beginning with ‘Lilliput’ which comes out in August with lovely new illustrations by Alice Ratteree.

This week we’re looking forward to the publication of picture book, ‘Never Tickle a Tiger’ written by Pamela Butchart, illustrated by Marc Boutavant and published by Bloomsbury. This book has already had a lot of hype and great anticipation with translations deals in France, Holland and China to name just a few – well done Pamela!