Bethan Read currently lives in Spain with her husband and two sons Otis and Felix. She loves concocting stories and making funny shaped animals and cushions from any fabric she can find.

Emily Ribbons

Emily Ribbons is best described as a kind of Clarice Bean meets Dr Dolittle. In the first story, spirited Emily Ribbons is stuck at home for long summer holidays with only her triplet toddler siblings for company. However, life begins to get a little more interesting when Loola the goat turns up in her back garden wearing a pink polka dot scarf. A few days after Loola’s arrival Emily discovers she can speak ‘Goatish’ and her world opens into one of friendship, adventure and constant surprise. Bethan has written three Emily Ribbons stories so far, but she has plans for many more.

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Emily Ribbons by Bethan Read